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Exploring Filming Locations of the Italian Showcase Films at the 2023 Denver Film Festival

At this year's Denver Film Festival, a selection of incredible new Italian films were screened as part of the Italian Cinematic Showcase, a continuing tradtion of the festival aimed at bringing recognition to Italian film makers and stories. Isarti Travel had the honor of sponsoring this year's Italian showcase, and among the selections, we would like to highlight a few of the films that beautifully captured various locations of the Italian landscape.

La Chimera

Centered around a gang of Etruscan grave robbers in the 1980s, La Chimera never specifies an exact location, however due to the proximity of the coastline and breif glimpeses of a volcano in the distance, it is safe to surmise that the film takes place somewhere along the coast of the Tyrrenian sea on the outskirts of Napoli. Additionally, it is confimred that some filming took place in Tuscany in and around the area of Montalcino.

Kidnapped (Rapito)

The Mortara family at the center of this thrilling period drama live in 1850s Bologna, and the city's unique cathedral can be seen during many shots throughout the movie. The film's other main back drop is the city of Rome, specifically Vatican City and the old neighborhood of the Jewish Ghetto along the river Tiber west of the Colosseum, which still exists today as a thriving culianry highlight of the city.

The Beautiful Summer (La Bella Estate)

This period drama starring Deva Cassel takes place in and around 1930s Torino, the beautiful capital city of the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Throughout the movie, we can scenes from the city as well as the beautiful coutnryside of Piemonte and the Po river that runs through it. This region is well known for its wine and white truffles, and is the home of Ferraro the company msot well known for producing nutella.

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