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Modern Art in Rome

If you find yourself in Rome and wish to explore what attractions the city has to offer besides the obligatory Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and Trevi fountain, we suggest making a stop at Rome's best modern art museums - The MACRO and the MAXXI.

MACRO Museum Rome, Contemporary art, painting, modern art


Ticket: €10

Suggested Time Spent: 2 hours

MACRO Museum Rome, Modern Art, Contempoary

Located adjacent to the beautiful Salario neighborhood of Rome, The MACRO is a small contemporary art museum with rotating exhibits showcasing sculpture, paintings, and other various art forms including floor to ceiling mural work and interactive video. The museum also contains a beautiful rooftop featuring large murals painted by local artists.

A stop at this museum can be a perfect start to a Rome walking tour as it is within strolling distance of the historic and expansive Villa Borghese park and the famous Ludovisi neighborhood, home to the winding Via Veneto made famous by Fellini'sLa Dolce Vita.


Ticket: €12

Suggested Time Spent: 3 hours

MAXXI Museum Rome, Modern Art, Contemporary, Zaha Hadid, Architecture

The MAXXI Museum is Rome's premiere Modern Art destination and was established in 2010. The building itself is an impressive feat of architecture and was designed by the late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. Located just to the north of the city center, The MAXXI is easily accessible by tram from Piazza del Popolo, but don't be surprised if you end up spending several hours exploring the museum's many levels and exhibits as it is quite expansive. Featuring rotating exhibits by some the worlds most famous artists and designers, a day at the MAXXI is awe inspiring and informative to say the least. It also has an impressive bookstore and cafe to explore before you head back to Roma Centro.

MAXXI Museum Rome, Modern Art, Sculpture

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