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History of the Spritz & The Best Aperitivo in Italy

A mixture of prosecco, sparkling water - or alternatively seltz - and red liquor, the spritz in the most common aperitivo throughout Italy. Regardless of the type of alcohol used, which often differs on a regional basis, Spritz is a drink that boasts a long and noble story worthy of being told, Traditionally widespread in the Triveneto regions, Spritz actually has roots in Germany: in fact, the word "spritzen" means spraying, which refers to the habit of using seltz or carbonated water to dilute Wine and liqueurs. According to another theory, Spritz is a name associated with a particular type of Austrian wine; But in any case, the origins of this drink rest firmly in the Germanic Teutonic presence in Italy, and in particular in the Veneto region. The Habsburg domination in Italy began in 800, and it was a habit of the Austrian soldiers to create the basis of the Spritz: since the Venetian wines were much more alcoholic than their counterparts, they began asking the hosts to "sprinkle them " with water. And so here is the origin of the Spritz, however, the habit of mixing red bitter liquor with wine, as is commonly seen in Italy, introduces another twist.

THe basic recipe of a modern Spritz consists of 40% seltz or carbonated water, 30% prosecco (usually Glera), and then a red liquor or bitter such as campari or aperol, which gives the drink its red-orange coloration.

Bar Martini - Milano

Here are Isarti Travel's picks for the best spots in Italy to drink an aperitivo this summer:


Osteria Al Timon in Fondamenta Ormesini (Neighborhood: Cannaregio) Da Baffo Campo (Neighborhood: Sant'Agostin)

Osteria Ai Do Pozzi in Campo Due Pozzi (Neighborhood: Castello) Osteria dai Zemei (Neighborhood: Sestiere San Polo 1045)


Rita (Neighborhood: Porta Genova)

Le biciclette (Neighborhood: Sant Ambrogio)

Bar Martini (Neighborhood: San Babila)

Terrazza Aperol (Neighborhood: Duomo)

Caffe Miani/Camparino (Neighborhood: Duomo)

Luca e Andrea Caffe Bar (Neighborhood: Porta Genova)


I'Margaritaio Drink&Food (Neighborhood: Piazza San Firenze)

Volume (Neighborhood: Piazza Santo Spirito)

Moyo (Neighborhood: Santa Croce)

Dolce Vita (Neighborhood: Oltrarno)

Sesto on Arno at the Westin Excelsior (Neighborhood: Piazza Ognissanti)

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