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Worlds 50 Best Restaurants 2023 - Where does Italy Rank?

This year's "Worlds 50 Best Restaurants" list has been released, and Italy takes an impressive 5 spots in the top 50 including one in the top 10, and a 6th spot further down the list in the 50-100 section at #85! lets take a look:

michelin star pasta on Lake Garda, Lido 84
Pasta at Lido 84 (Lido 84 IG page)

7. Lido 84 - Gardone Riviera

Unconventional, elevated, yet quintessential Italian cuisine on Lake Garda. Chef Riccardo Camanini serves up famous dishes such as his Cacio e Pepe en Vessie cooked in a pig's bladder.

shaved whtie truffle, pasta, micheli nstar, Reale
Shaved white truffle at Reale (Reale IG page)

16. Reale - Castel di Sangro

Technical, minimalistic, and hyper seasonal. Chef Niko Romito puts research and technicality at the center of his menu a this stunning restaurant about 2 hours south east of Rome.

34. Uliassi - Senigallia

Coastal cuisine at a new level. In the Marche region of Italy's Eastern coast, Uliassi, helmed by chef Mauro Uliassi, has solidified itself as the benchmark for innovation in food of both land and sea, with dishes such as prawns seasoned with ginger and cinnamon.

Chef Uliassi, Le Marche, Michelin star coastal seafood
Mauro Uliassi and his team (Uliassi IG page)

41. Le Calandre - Rubana

A jewel in the crown of the Alajmo family lineage. Le Calandre rests in a small town not far from Verona, and serves up innovative and whimsical dishes such as coffee infused risotto with caper powder, and almond mozzarella spheres.

michelin star food, Verona, Padua, mozzarella, Alajmo
Almond Mozzarella Sphere at Le Calandre (Alajmo IG page)

42. Piazza Duomo - Alba

Chef Enrico Crippa offers diners a tribute to the region of Piemonte with dishes such as polenta served with escargot that were first bred by the Benedictine monks of the area, and sweet red prawns from nearby Sanremo.

85. Enrico Bartolini - Milan

In the 50-100 section, we have a final placement for famed chef, Enrico Bartolini's restaurant in the trendy Via Tortona neighborhood of Milan.

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