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Tracing The Steps of "White Lotus" Characters Through Sicily

Season 2 of White Lotus is chock full of breathtaking Sicilian locations, so lets break it down!

Source: HBO/Deadline

Want to discover all the glamorous and rustic Sicilian locations visited in season 2 of White Lotus? We have compiled a list of 6 real life places visited by the cast of characters, as a well as a corresponding map of all the relevant towns to use during your next visit to Sicily:

1. Taormina / Four Seasons Resort

The central location of the show is at none other than the beautiful San Domenico Palace - Four Seasons Resort located in the beautiful cliffside town of Taormina on the Eastern Coast of Sicily. Though the hotel is rebranded as "The White Lotus Resort and Spa" in the show, all the interior and exterior shots are real, and capture the breathtaking quality and luxury of this famed luxury hotel.

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Source: HBO/Deadline

2. Noto

This small picturesque town in Southern Sicily, famous for its beautiful baroque architecture and quaint cobbled streets, is the location of Daphne and Harper's overnight trip early in the season. One scene in particular, which depicts Aubrey Plaza's character walking around Piazza Immacolata under the gaze of local men, serves as a virtually frame for frame homage to a scene from the famous 1960 Italian movie, L'Avventura, filmed in the very same piazza.

3. Mt. Etna Wineries

Cameron, Daphne, Ethan, and Harper spend a day trip visiting the famous vineyards that are at and around the base of the Mt. Etna Volcano after hearing that the grapes in the area possess healing volcanic minerals from the local soil they are grown from. They pay a visit specifically to Planeta Sciaranuova near the town of Castiglione di Sicilia.

Source: HBO/Screenshot

4. Testa dell'Acqua

Near the end of the season, as the DiGrasso men search for their long lost Sicilian relatives, we find ourselves in the small town of Testa dell'Acqua not far from Noto in Southern Sicily. Though only pictured for a short time, this charming little town showcases the rustic beauty of Sicily's less explored inland regions.

Source: HBO/Screenshot

5. Palermo

The sprawling city of Palermo, along Sicily's northern coast, is the location of Quentin's family Palazzo as well the Portia and Jack's night out eating arancini, one of the regions most famous street foods.

Source: HBO/Screenshot

6. Cefalù

Though featured only briefly during a night out with Portia and Jack during a roadtrip away from Quentin's palazzo, this coastal city located east of Palermo also serves as the backdrop for a few of the breathtaking landscape drone shots featured throughout the season.

Source: Henrique Ferreira

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