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Heading to Europe? Here Are the Best Times to Book Your Airline Tickets and How to Do it

Lets breakdown the best days and times of year to book your international airline tickets!

For Europe as a whole, post-pandemic metrics point to booking a flight to Europe 90-120 days before departure to grab the best dollar and point based deals. But lets break it down further:

Contrary to popular belief, these days there is no "goldilocks" day of the week that you need to buy flights on to get magical discounts, however theres a few tips to keep in mind when planning your flight bookings:

1. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is notoriously a great day to buy flight tickets because tons of deals tend to pop in response to less international travel demand going into the holidays.

2. Though there is no magic day of the week for booking, those in the industry generally advise to avoid booking on a Sunday, and cite Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the mot favorable days for dollar and point deals that carry the most value.

3. Keep in mind that airline tickets peak in price during the summer months, so if you plan to travel to Europe in the summertime, make sure you stay safe and book 90+ days ahead of time to set yourself up for better deals.

4. Some sites we recommend checking out if you are NOT planning on booking with any point program attached to your credit cards, and are on the hunt for some deals are:

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