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Noto - The Most Beautiful City You've Never Heard Of

Just south of Siracusa on the Island of Sicily, sits Noto, a stunningly beautiful Baroque city that will sweep you off your feet.

Even during the peak summer tourism months, Noto maintains a relaxed and mystical quality. Walking the narrow cobbled streets gives visitors the impression of being in some old Italian movie. Intricate Baroque architecture stands in contrasts with citrus, olive, and almond groves throughout the area, and a constant breeze drifts in from the east, where the ocean awaits only 5 miles away.

Rebuilt in the Baroque style after a devastating earthquake all but destroyed South Eastern Sicily in 1693, the entire city of Noto now has the distinct honor of being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From exploring the haunting architecture that defines the churches, piazzas and other historic buildings, to indulging in a plate of Sicilian seafood, to relaxing along one of the breathtaking beaches to the east, Noto is a required visit for those who seek to explore what Italy has to offer underneath the glitzy layer of Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Noto is one of those magical Italian cities that dreams are made of. It is the hidden gem of Italy you didn't even know you needed, until now.

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