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Italy's Most Underrated Destinations


Home of Pavarotti and Enzo Ferrari, Modena is a city with the charm of an Italian village. Its beauty is hard to compete with, and a visit here requires a stop at some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ghirlandia Tower an Piazza Grande. For food lovers, Modena boasts one of the top 5 restaurant in the world, and arguably the best restaurant in Europe, Osteria Francescana.


The beautiful but often over looked Metropolis of Northern Italy. Milan is most commonly a point of arrival or departure for tourists in Italy, and often viewed as a modern industrial city without the rustic and historical charm of popular destinations like Rome, Venice, and Florence. But because tourism in Milan is not as dominant, visitors get a chance to integrate more with locals, and experience the laid back but classy vibe of this true Italian city. Milan is the home of da Vinci's 'The Last Supper,' boasts one of the most breathtaking duomos in Italy, and is the birthplaces of mouthwatering dishes like polenta and Osso Buco. If you want to feel even more like a local, wander a bit south from the central Duomo area to the Navigli canal district, where you will always find Milanese people drinking aperitivo as the sun sets.


Nestled at the South Eastern corner of the Island of Sicily, Siracusa remains one of the most historic cities in Italy. It is home to Greek and Roman ruins, and was the birthplace of mathematician, Archimedes. A walk through the market at Ortygia brings to life the smells and colors of the Mediterranean, and puts in perspective the cultural influences that have remained intact here from Europe, Africa, and beyond.


This sleepy riverside city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, south-east of Milano, is a must stop for food lovers. Parma is the home of Prosciutto and parmesan cheese, need we say more?

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a small, picturesque city that sits along the Brenta River in the Veneto Region, and makes a great day trip if you are looking to escape the tourist bustle of Venice (1h20 by train). Here you will be surrounded by stunning architecture and the Italian Alps are an ever present visage in the distance. Bassano is also the birthplace of Grappa Tagliatella Nardini, one of the most famous fruity liquors in Italy.


Welcome to the capital of the Piedmont region of Northern Italy! Rich with history dating back to 350BC, and home to a healthy amount of museums, theatres, and academic institutions, Torino offers the perks and beauty of visiting Rome or Florence without all the tourists.

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